Rescued Pit Bull Pays it Forward

Thanks to a new program for bully breeds a former stray from Lafayette, Indiana is helping humans to heal. Lilac, 5-years-old, is a graduate of the bully breed program at the Almost Home Humane Society. The program focuses on breeds that are subject to bad reputations and as an ambassador, Lilac is proof that some stereotypes are meant to be broken.

Lilac was still uncared for and unwanted, wandering the streets less than a year ago, but owner Carolyn Butera met her at the Lafayette shelter and fell in love. Butera said her temperament made her a perfect candidate for therapy work. “She’s gentle. She listens very well,” Butera said.

The rescued dog now spends her days giving back and doing wonders to change the perceptions of pit bulls in her community. She spends time visiting hospitals and schools, participates in agility and obedience competitions, and will soon be certified by the Dog Scouts of America.

The video follows Lilac as she visits a special education class, helping students to relax, gain confidence, and improve social skills. Lilac seems to truly enjoy her work, sneaking in kisses when nobody is looking. Lilac serves as a wonderful example of what’s possible when you do away with preconceived notions. With her sweet disposition she is loved by all who meet her.

“Everybody has a smile on their face. No one is frowning when she comes around, which is good,” Butera said.

Based on a story by lifewithdogs

by Shelley Mamott

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3 thoughts on “Rescued Pit Bull Pays it Forward

  1. wanda thomas says:

    i need help trying to find a pit bull a home he is just under a yr old and he needs somewhere to call home my husband and i have a pit that we cant take care of the next door neighbors brought him here and let him stay outside and starve. i wish i could stop them from dragging dogs in that need a home now we are stuck with this pit and funny part is he’s sweet and very playful and loving we are getting up in age so please help if you can or will my name is wanda and my # 865-521-8040

  2. Ruth Mendes Peres says:

    Infelizmente não posso dizer que fico com ela, pois moro em São Paulo – Brasil. Mas quero dizer que sou apaixonada pot essa raça e eles não tem culpa de serem taxados de cães assassinos, pois a culpa exclusiva é de quem os cria para isso. Conheci um chamado Hulk, era a coisa mais linda e doce, só que dizem que ele está morto pois era muito maltratado e a última vez que o vi estava todo machucado. Espero que vocês tenham sorte com essa coisa linda.

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