Love Saves A Troubled Dog

Schnauzer Pair Seeking Love

A friend told me about an elderly woman named Carol who, due to failing health, was trying to find a home for her two miniature schnauzers, an 8-year-old male and a 9-year-old female.

The pair had been together since the male was 8 weeks old and she didn’t want to separate them.

It was hard for her to find anyone willing to adopt one, let alone the two of them together, but when I met them I fell in love and decided to adopt them both on the spot. I made a promise to Carol that I would never separate them.

Shortly after I brought them home I realized how different they were – like night and day.

Opposites Attract

Sophie, was sweet, quiet, loving, and gentle with huge soulful eyes. Tony, was so different, he was rotten, ornery, and a snapper who liked to bite at people’s hands and heels as they walked by or patted him.

A Difficult Past

To make matters worse, I soon realized that they’d been badly abused. I once put my foot up to block Tony from going by me and he immediately stood still and shook with fear. He would act the same way if I picked up a wooden spoon or a broom, anything that may be used to hit him. Both dogs would cower if I moved my hand to quickly near them.

Patience and Persistence Pay Off

Friends and family members kept insisting I take Tony to the pound due to his bad behavior, but because of what he’d been through and the promise I made to Carol to keep them together, I didn’t consider it even for a moment. Carol later confided to me that she suspected her ex-husband had been abusing both dogs.

Love Saves the Day

I kept working with Tony, using a calm and firm tone when necessary, never yelling or giving him even a small smack when he misbehaved. I petted him a lot, held him on my lap and showered them both with love. He acted as though he didn’t like it, but he did.

After two weeks, Carol asked me to bring them by for a visit. During our visit, Sophie went over once or twice to Carol but Tony did not leave my side at all. Carol shook her head and said, “Well, I guess he’s YOUR dog.”

The Importance of Check Ups

Even though Sophie had no behavioral issues, she walked with her head lowered, had very little energy and was not active at all. I thought this might be due to her age, however I decided to take them both to the vet the first week I had them just to be sure.

I found out that Sophie had two abscessed teeth as well as two cancerous tumors. Even though my only income is from Social Security Disability, I still had the vet perform the necessary operations.

After the procedures were done, Sophie’s energy and activity levels improved dramatically. Both dogs were healthier and happier than they’d been in a long time.

Generosity Pays Off

Although I have been paying the vet $100 each month since I adopted Sophie & Tony 4 years ago and still owe $1,400, I have never regretted giving them both a new and happier home in their later years.

Their love and devotion to me, and the knowledge that they lived a safer and healthier life, have more than compensated for the money spent. I hope more people will give older dogs a chance at health and happiness in their senior years.

Based on a story by dogstories

by Shelley Mamott

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