Submitted by Rebecca S:

William, a black dauschund, is the bravest and sweetest dog you will ever meet. We got him a little over 8 years ago, and he was the greatest addition to our family. After we added him to our family, we rescued another dauschund, a red one named Chloe, which made our family complete. Three years ago, our little man ruptured a disc in his back, making him paralyzed from his lower back down. Somehow he managed to recover with the use of a wheelchair that he would use almost every day.

My two loves, Chloe and William, will finally be together again. On June 22nd, 2010, Chloe passed away when my house burned down. She was unable to get out like William did, and he was depressed for months afterwards. Somehow, he has managed to tough it out and stay with my family. This morning, the vet called us with the results of Williams blood work, giving us the news that he has cancer so bad that he will be unable to recover. Both him and Chloe are 9 year old dauschunds and now will finally be reunited. Part of my heart will always be with my two favorite dogs. I love you both so much, take care of each other.

by A Place To Love Dogs

2 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey Rebecca. Your post hit me a little hard because I own a nine year old red dachshund. He also ruptured a disc in his back. Thankfully he is still able to walk although his back legs are significantly weaker. Dachshunds are so special. I never want to own another breed and I dread the day he decides to take his trip to heaven. I’m just so in love with my Marley just like you were/are in love with Chloe and William. I hope William’s last days are happy and peaceful, which I’m sure they will be. But then when he joins his sister, you’ll have yet another angel to watch over you. Take care.

  2. rmc says:

    so sorry to hear about your cute dachshunds! several years later & i still clearly remember the day when the dachshund i grew up with had to be euthanized. he was 13½ & my best friend. always cherish the memories!

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