Did Our Darling Bo Return To Us?

Few things in life are sadder than the sudden loss of your pet, but what if you had a second chance at goodbye? This Alabama couple say they had just that, a second chance at goodbye.

The Two Days They Will Never Forget

Michael and Rosie Reach will never forget two very important dates: The day Bo came into their lives and the day he left them. In the early 1990’s they rescued a St. Bernard/Golden Retriever mix  from an abusive home and fell in love. They named him Beauregard, or Bo, for short. The huge 130 pound dog arrived broken, but love, patience and time would help heal his wounds.

Bo also suffered from separation anxiety and left on his own could be quite destructive. In an interview with Alabama Live Rosie said, “We talked about having to give him away. But he heard us!”  Rosie said that after overhearing that conversation, Bo started to behave.

They Have Never Stopped Missing Bo

Since they had no children of their own, Michael said their pets are their children. The couple currently share their home with two dogs and several cats, but despite all of them, they have never stopped missing Bo.

Michael and Rosie still adored him even through all the challenges. They nursed him through bouts of arthritis, cared for him as he aged and loved him.

On Sept. 14, 2006 Beauregard followed Michael as he walked to the mailbox. When Michael looked up, he saw Bo in the driveway behind him. “He just fell over,” Reach said. In that instant he was gone.

Rosie Was Devastated

When Michael called Rosie at work to convey the news she was devastated. His passing was sudden and a big shock.

One day in September, as they were returning from a Pensacola trip they noticed a large white dog running by the side of the road. When the dog was nearly hit, they pulled over and got out. Michael approached the dog and was struck by the amazing resemblance to his former dog Bo.

The Friendly Canine Plopped Down At His Feet

When the friendly dog plopped down beside him, Michael checked his tags. “He had a rabies tag and a microchip tag,” he said. “I called the 800 numbers, but the owner hadn’t registered the microchip.”

Unsure what to do next, the couple decided to take him home to try and find his owner. Michael said the dog was appreciative of their kindness. “I could see Beauregard in his eyes,” he said. “The way he looked at us with affection. ‘Thanks for saving me.’”

After several phone calls, they were able to track down the owner. A Pensacola veterinarian’s dog had escaped through an open gate and they made arrangements for the vet to meet them at their home to pick up the dog.

A Remarkable Thing Happened

Before the meeting ended and before the dog was gone, a remarkable thing happened. For the first time, Michael and Rosie would hear the name of the dog they had helped. The vet looked at the dog and called “Beauregard.”

Seeing Bo Again

Seeing Bo again, they say, gives them closure. The ‘new’ Beauregard is doing just fine, playing on a 30 acres at his home with the vet. He’s loved and content.

“If Bo came back reincarnated,” said Michael Reach, “he’s doing good. He’s living large.”

Based on a story by lifewithdogs

by Shelley Mamott

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4 thoughts on “Did Our Darling Bo Return To Us?

  1. Barbara Jacques says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 – this entire website is above average score for me for ‘therapy’. It is a site to watch if you are having a blue or a bad day or going through a bad patch. It is absolutely awesome!!! I can look at this all day long. I do so love all animals – I have ll rescues myself (1 dog, 4 cats and 6 gorgeous birds). Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Diane says:

    Wow, this exact story happened to me. I lost my sweet dog who was a black mix with a white belly when I was in high school. Ten years later, I stopped to help a dog laying by the side of the road – and she looked exactly like my dog from high school. Needless to say I rescued the dog from the side of the road, and have enjoyed her company for almost 10 years now. I have always believed my dog from high school had come back to me. Thanks for sharing this story!

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