Amazing Child Writes Book To Buy Service Dog

Evan Moss, 7, can’t wait for next year when he gets his new dog so he can give him a great big hug. Not only will this dog be his companion but he will also be a lifesaver. Literally.

Evan has epilepsy and suffers from severe and possibly life-threatening seizures. When Evan and his parents, Lisa and Rob Moss, found out about dogs that are specially trained to detect seizures, they knew the needed to find a way to get one. That’s when Evan came up with the brilliant idea to write a book to help raise the $13,000.00 needed to buy a seizure dog.

It’s one thing to have the idea but another to actually make it happen. But Evan did just that. Written and illustrated by him, “My Seizure Dog” is available at He also had his first book signing where about 650 people came out to meet him and buy the book. “We sold out of books and people still stood in line just to meet Evan. One of his favorite parts of the day was meeting service dogs. There were 7 or 8 service dogs in attendance and Evan got to meet them and interact with them. He loves dogs and it seemed like every time he began to get tired another dog would come in and he would be recharged,” Lisa says.

Evan at his book signing

With the book, the Mosses have exceeded their fundraising goal, with the extra funds going to 4 Paws for Ability to help other children in similar situations with their fundraising efforts.

Having a seizure dog will change Evan’s life. At one point, he was having 300-400 short seizures a month in which brain surgery stopped those from happening. But two years ago longer and more serious seizures started. Having a seizure dog can provide critical help.

Evan is upbeat and excited about living life to the fullest. And in June 2012, when he receives his new dog, his life will become more full!

Based on a story by freekibble

by Shelley Mamott

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2 thoughts on “Amazing Child Writes Book To Buy Service Dog

  1. Sylwia says:

    This proves that no matter what might be trying to take over your life, you can always conquer it, against all odds. Forget celebrities, give this kid all their trophies! He definitely worked much harder and deserves it much more than any of them.

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