Remarkable Service Dog Fetches Help For Injured Owner

Struck by A Speeding Truck

While in a movie theater parking lot, Rich Armstrong and his service dog Emma were hit by a speeding truck sending them 30 feet and destroying Armstrong’s wheelchair in the process.

Service Dog On A Mission To Save Him

As Armstrong lay helpless, his service dog and companion Emma, went on a mission to save him. What happened next is nothing short of remarkable. When Emma noticed that Armstrong was incapacitated she ran, and she knew exactly where she needed to go. Emma made her way around the theater, found her way in and searched the lobby until she found Armstrong’s wife.

Emma Locates Wife For Help

Later, in an interview Armstrong said, “She ran up to her and gave her the leash and tugged her and pulled her all the way out here to me.”  Emma has only been a part of his life for eight short months, yet the bond they have formed is obviously strong. “I can’t live without her she can’t live without me,” he said.

Based on a story via lifewithdogs

by A Place To Love Dogs

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