Petland To Stop Selling Puppies and Kittens

Petland has announced that they will no longer be selling puppies and kittens in their Canadian stores. Animal rights groups are thrilled with the news. According to the Calgary Herald, Jennifer Kaiser, co-founder of Actions Speak Louder Calgary is calling this “a great step forward” and one that “will definitely help bring more attention to rescue pets and pet overpopulation.”

Petland will be facilitating adoption through their Adopt-a-Pet program and Petland Pets for Life Foundation, both which work toward finding loving homes for rescues and homeless animals.

“Our decision to end these sales was a tough one and was based on business fundamentals,” said Robert Brissette, CEO of Petland. In a media release, Brissette said more and more people are purchasing dogs online, leading to a drop in sales at pet stores.

Hopefully, this means that more people will turn to adopting pets from shelters and rescues.

Based on a story by newsfeed.time

by Shelley Mamott

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