Is 28 Year Old Max The Oldest Living Dog?

Max and Janelle DeRouen celebrating his 26th birthday (as featured in the Daily Mail)

Janelle DeRouen believes that her dog Max may be the oldest living dog at 28 years old. She submitted Max’s birth certificate and vet records to Guinness and is waiting for the official response. Max is 196 in dog years and DeRouen says he is happy and healthy.

Mrs Derouen attributes her pet’s age to his laid-back attitude: ‘He likes to lie down, relax, nap, sleep a lot and keep life simple,’ she says (as featured in the Daily Mail)

“He loves to just lounge around the house. He’s like an elderly person. He’s set in his ways. Everything has been documented and notarized, so I am just waiting to hear something, because I don’t want him to pass and not be recognized,” she said.

The previous title for oldest dog was a 21- year old dachshund from New York, who has since passed away.

Based on a story via lifewithdogs

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4 thoughts on “Is 28 Year Old Max The Oldest Living Dog?

  1. Angela Brinkman says:

    Just wondering if your dog,Max,is still enjoying your company. We have a terrier mix that looks just like Max. Her name is Saddie & will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 9th 2013. She will turn 17!!! Hope Max fills your heart with joy for a long time, because Saddie does for us. I’m very serious about them looking alike, they could pass has being brother & sister.

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