An Interview With Boo: The World’s Cutest Dog

Boo is just your average dog who loves chicken, running outside, following his big brother around, and squeaky toys. He also happens to have 1.7 million Facebook fans, enjoys sitting on the laps of celebrities, currently holds the title of “the world’s cutest dog,” and just released his own book with Chronicle Books. Okay, so maybe he’s not your average dog. But he is a total doggy sweetheart and we were beyond thrilled here at Dog Milk to get an interview with Boo, the most adorable internet-phenom ever!

You currently have over 1.7 million Facebook fans, which is completely ludicrous, even for the world’s cutest dog. How on earth did you manage to amass such a huge following? Is it just enough to be cute or do you have some other special powers we’re not aware of?

I’m just a normal dog with no special powers. Many of my Facebook friends say my smile makes them smile, which makes me happy. I think people visit my Facebook page when they need a break.

I think your short, teddy bear haircut is just plain adorable. But it is a little unusual for a Pomeranian. Looking at your brother Buddy, it looks like he prefers to keep his long. When and why did you decide to go short? Do you have any plans to grow it out and give us a whole new Boo look?

It started out as a fluke, but has since become my signature look! Buddy and I have different hair textures. Mine is coarse and thick, whereas Buddy’s is long and silky. No plans to grow it out because I can wear more fun outfits with this haircut.

Here at Dog Milk, we’re always on the hunt for the coolest dog products out there. We’re dying to know, from treats to toys to apparel, what are some of your favorite products?

My favorite treats are Dogswell Jerky Treats, which are all natural and taste like people food. I love all sorts of toys and clothes. My favorite toys are squeaky toys. Squeak! Squeak! My favorite shirt is a casual t-shirt with brown and orange stripes. Orange is my favorite color!

You’ve been on Good Morning America, sat on the lap of celebrities, and are now an accomplished author. You must get recognized in public all of the time. How are you and your human handling the fame? Are you still able to lead a relatively normal doggy-life?

Having lots of fans on Facebook and having my own book is fun, but my everyday life has stayed the same. I hang around the house, sleep in, eat my favorite food, play with Buddy and cuddle with my Mom. That’s all I really need. Although I think after meeting them in person, I have crushes on Lara Spencer and Robin Roberts from GMA.

Boo, you’ve truly done it all! What advice do you have for other dogs wanting to follow in your paw prints?

I am most happy just being myself. Don’t be afraid of taking chances. If you want to wear fun clothes, have a unique hairstyle or play in the mud, go for it!

Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog is currently on sale right here through Chronicle Books. Chronicle has been generous enough to offer all of you 25% off + free US ground shipping when you enter the code BOO at checkout. I hope all of you pick up a copy! I haven’t been able to stop smiling at my copy since it arrived. And while you’re over at Chronicle, be sure to check out Boo’s oh-so cute page full of Boo downloads, videos, special offers, and more! Boo will be making an appearance over at Oh Joy tomorrow for the second stop on his blog tour. Be sure to check him out there too!


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