Terrier’s Fantastic Friendship With A Meerkat

An unlikely friendship has developed between Poppy the Terrier and Timon the Meerkat after Timon, 4, was savaged by other Meerkats. The pair who live with owners John Bent and wife Sally in Dronfield, Derbyshire are inseparable.

Timon the meerkat with his new best friend Poppy

Poppy and Timon cuddle on the couch

Timon immediately bonded with Poppy a 6 year old Chihuahua, Maltese Terrier even though the household also includes a cat. They play together, bathe together and go out for walks together. Mr. Bent said, “They pinch each others food but never get angry.” Mrs Bent added, “Meerkats stick very much to their own kind but Timon is lovable and cheeky.”

The Meerkat, a mammal, is a member of the Mongoose family, not cat family and is mostly happy indoors, but still has to satisfy his urge to dig. He does his digging in a special pen in the garden shared with a ferret called Stumpy.

The pair, who bonded after Timon was attacked by other meerkats, in the bath together

The Bents take their animals to schools and hospices to introduce them to children and show them how to care for animals.

Mrs Bent said, “It’s like two children who are very comfortable with each other. They play-fight and are very at ease in each others’ company. As soon as Timon came into the house he went over to Poppy and they bonded instantly. Poppy has a special spot on the settee and she allowed Timon to share it with her. It’s where they fall asleep in the afternoon.”

The dog and meerkat sound out their different calling cries

Based on a story by the dailymail

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