Hero Saves Dog From Terrible Teenagers

A Horrifying Sight

Carlos Torres was driving by a canal in Miami Gardens, Fl. last week when he witnessed a group of teenage boys trying to drown a 3 year old Shih Tzu. He saw the teens throw the dog into the water, stuffed in a bag with bricks tied to her back legs.

Jumping Into Action

Horrified, Torres decided to jump into to the water after the dog and grab her before she went under. “That’s when I ran the light, stopped and noticed there was a dog inside the bag,” he said. “I couldn’t believe what they were doing, so I threw myself inside the canal, took the dog out, removed her out of the bag and removed the bricks from the dog.”

Torres called animal rescuer Josh Agostinie, “It’s a shame they did this to this dog. She’s a sweetheart. Last night, she wouldn’t stop crying, even though she was on the pain medication.”

Surgery Fund Established

Agostinie took the pooch to Smiling Pets Vet Clinic in Miami where Dr. Avi Adulami examined her and said that her rear left leg was in really bad shape and will require a $1500 surgery. Locals have already started a collection and Torres is hoping donations will add up quickly.

“That is a sweet dog. I had her at my house the whole day before I took her to the doctor. It’s just horrible what kids are doing these days. Kids have nothing to do, and this is how they play, and they don’t realize they were trying to kill a creature that is doing absolutely nothing to them,” said Torres.

Those who wish to donate to the surgery fund may do so at http://www.furangelsrescue.com.

Based on a story by lifewithdogs

by A Place To Love Dogs

5 thoughts on “Hero Saves Dog From Terrible Teenagers

  1. kathyb says:

    this just breaks my heart. i dont understand such awfulness. thank goodness for good people like misters torres, augustinie and dr adulami. the thought of what that poor animal went through just kills me. i couldnt send much, but im glad to help out. thank you for posting.

  2. Disgusted says:

    I am absolutely infuriated. What in the hell were those teenagers taught? They’re no longer kids who can’t tell wrong from right. Either their parents need to hold them accountable or their parents should be held accountable.

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