2 thoughts on “getting the hang of it

  1. Lina Mora says:

    I follow “a place to love dogs” on Tumblr. When I saw this picture I was surprice. My dog who I found on the streets looks so much like this dog. We named him blacky.. well the small children in our family did, although his name was not original his personality was. On May 9, 2011 we do not know why, he ran out of the house when I open the door in the morning when I was going to the school bus. I could not stop him, and I had to go to the bus. That whole day I was worry and even more when he didn’t come back that night. The next day my parents told me that they found him dead. It was the worst day of my life. Even if we only lived with him for a year he was like a little baby to me.

    So when I see this picture I see him.
    And I hope for the best for this dog.

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