Double Dappled Dachshunds

Submitted by Jasmine E:

You posted a picture of a dachshund whom the owner said “it’s color was very rare”. I just wanted to share a few things about coloration, which I think is important for every dachshund owner to know… and show you MY dachshund with that coloration & tell his story.

This is actually a double dapple dachshund, which is not a good thing. Dapple Dachshunds have recessive genes for blindness or deafness, so puppies born as “double dapples” (ones who look like this) have a high high risk for blindness, deafness, or both. I’ve even seen them without eyes. Breeders who knowingly breed double dapples are playing with fire & shouldn’t be supported. I rescued a double dapple (named bugatti, whom I love very much and is partially blind) from a breeder who couldn’t sell him because of his vision problems & was going to put him down. One of his eyes is physically smaller than the other and the other pupil is misshapen.

I read in the description of the original photo of the dog you posted & they said he has problems seeing in his right eye. This is due to the double dappling, not him “evolving incorrectly.” Whatever the white touches is what gets affected the most… and his right eye is touched most by the white. The white is where the genes cross.

Many dachshund owners don’t know about double dappling, even though it’s common in many species… including horses, other dog breeds, and many others. Here’s a link about double dappling if you wish to know more:

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28 thoughts on “Double Dappled Dachshunds

  1. rowan simpson says:

    hello i have just bought a lovely long hair double dabble dachound puppy i live in new zealand a they are very rare , she was the only one dabble dabble in the litter. i had a vet check her and told that she may have eye problems later , the breeder wants to breed from her iam not to sure about this. she is so cute little lady and makes friends everywhere i take her.

    • Mish Redels says:

      Beware while I loved every minute of my time with my beloved double dapple it’s not for everyone. One back surgery, enlarged heart, blind in one eye 16k is what a genetic abnormality can cost. Not including basic maintenance.

  2. Sven says:

    Don’t do it!
    Double dapples are far more prone to blindness and deafness.
    We have a six month old in our rescue at this time.
    She was abandoned, dumped at the road side in December!
    She was left to run loose in the traffic and rainy lower forty degree weather
    She was rescued by a lady who already has a dachshund and can have only one pet in her apartment.
    This kind lady contacted my wife and the dog came to us.
    Her eyes are under developed she also exhibits some hearing loss.
    All dachshunds are beautiful and loving animals that make great pets.
    I have nothing against good breeders.
    Do not be an irresponsible breeder have the dog spayed or neutered and enjoy a lovely and loving pet without passing on health problems to a future generations of dogs.

    • shelly says:

      I have adopted 4 double dapples over the years. Right now I have a blind and deaf girl, Maggie who is about 6 . I lost my 14 year old Dachshund to cancer last July and would like to adopt another dapple…deaf, bline or this one still up for adoption???

  3. Carol says:

    We recently lost our 13 1/2 year old doxie, we are looking to get another one sometime so I have been doing some research on them, I didn’t know there were so many different kinds now days sense we have had ours for over 13 years I didn’t feel the need to look for one, now I’m learning about the dapple and double dapple, I have checked out a few breeders and they say they don’t do double dapple, but when I read that double dapple have blue eyes and some white on them I can’t help but think these pups my be double dapple. How can I be sure? we loved the chocolate/tan short hair dapple with blue eyes but don’t want to get one that’s going to have problems later one. It’s been so hard on us loosing our BFF after 13 years we would like think the next one we get would be around at least that long if not longer. Any advice? Thank you

  4. christy says:

    Please don’t support double dapples. I also have rescued one from a litter that is totally blind. Her eyes did not develop. She (Annabelle) is the sweetest, most loving of all my dogs. I also have two blk/tan long-hair and short hair. Annabelle is by far the sweetest. She has been an excellent addition to our family. However, it’s so sad to continue to breed these dogs knowing full well what the complications can be!

  5. Rainy says:

    I also have a double dapple that came from a puppymill and he was a breeder (so sad) allthough he has beautiful blue eyes they are not developed, bright light hurts them and he cant see in the dark. I adopted him from a dachound rescue site. and I can tell you if they didnt have him fixed I would have done it. I think of his poor puppies that could have this genetic eye problem, and I hope they found loving homes that dont mind the little extra work that comes with a blind dog…My Haus has been damaged by people and greed, but his story has a happy ending, he is now a spoiled rotten mamas boy with 3 doxie sisters and a fenced in yard to play.

  6. ronnie says:

    We adopted a double dapple and so far so good. He does show signs of a possible sight issue. He sometimes appears to just stare at the floor when close to somebody near their feet. He plays well outside with our other dogs and doesn’t show any signs of sight problems out playing. He hears very well. So, maybe he won’t degress much in the future. He is about 2 1/2 yrs/Users/ronniegraves/Desktop/SANY0069.JPG

    • Kristey says:

      Ron, I have a double dapple that we rescued and I did not know anything about dapples. He has one blue eye and is 2 and half years old. He seems fine as far as hearing and sight go. He is the sweetest doxie I have ever met.

  7. Julie Ann says:

    I, too, have a double-dapple, named Annabelle! She is completely deaf, and has only one eye. We found her at a rescue, and it was love at first sight. My heart sinks st the thought of allowing these dogs to breed, but I cannot imagine my life without my sweet Annabelle. I’ve never known a more affectionate dog. .

  8. carrie says:

    I have a double dapple. I got him from a friend. Our first doxie we got from her is solid black. Snowman, as we call this one has white to paws, neckline, nose and tail. He has had an eye infection on and off and my sister is the one that told me to look into this more. He has been to the vet and they werent too concerned but we noticed his left eye shifts, like it moves its own way. Other than that, hes a growing puppy! Just wanted to share and reading all the health issues possible, I wouldnt recommend breeding doubles.

  9. Jen says:

    My husband brought home a dapple doxie who was six months old (the owner couldn’t keep him in her apt). He knew how much I like the dapple pattern. I had no problem with this as I love pretty much any animal. From reading more on double dapples I am wondering about her eyes. The left side of her face is white with a blue eye, the right brown with a brown eye. The blue eye’s pupil looks odd almost like paint drips down a wall. I always thought is was odd and knew about eye and hearing problems, but she seems fine. Very alert, seems to see and hear absolutely everything. Very active, but very protective. It usually takes her about ten minutes to warm up to someone. She goes nuts whenever she sees strangers outside. We assumed it was because the previous owner never socialized her. Is it possible that she has sight problems which cause her to be more defensive due from possibly not being able to distinguish features or blindness in that eye? Any advice would be great! To note, she hasn’t been to the vet yet (horrible I know) and my husband never thought to ask. She has been through first heat and will be spayed soon.

  10. Shauna says:

    I glanced at this website and all I have to say is I have the most beautiful double dable rescucued from outwest. She’s deaf and blind and thankfully she found a familly that’s used to having a real dF family

  11. jen says:

    i have a double dappled mini dauchsund nd i got her from a breeder….she cant hear but can hear loud pitched sounds…she is blind in one eye which is on tha white side she has a blue eye….she is very smart nd playful…i also have her dappled sister which she aint blind or deaf….nd has no white ietherjst grwy black n brown

  12. Jerry says:

    We rescued an 8 week old double dapple 9 yrs and 6 months ago. He was theist living and intelligent addition to our home. He had a little vision when he came to us but by the time he was 3 he had gone completely blind. 2 weeks ago he started dragging his front left paw, the vet said he suspected a neurological problem since he didn’t exhibit any signs of pain. He did begin to stumble some then yesterday he lost all control of both front legs and couldn’t stand alone. We had already discussed the situation of not prolonging the anxiety of his struggle to be a little normal. It was such a difficult decision to say it was time to say goodby to our loving little guy. His name was bartimaeus, because I remembered the faithful blind man in the bible who knew he would be loved . He was truly lived by both his dads.

  13. BellaB says:

    We just recently rescued a double dapple. The breeder claimed that she didn’t know the mother was dapple. She also said he was 8 weeks but he’s the size of a 4 weeker. He is a doxie so he’s small but his cousin was born on the same day and is twice his size. She said she had the vet look at him and said he’s blind in one eye. I feel like she is hiding something about him. I’m training his cousin but I don’t know where to start with him. Any advice? I love my Goose and want him to have the best life possible.

  14. Jerry says:

    Your Little Goose should be easy to train. I wrote about our little Bart previously, we had a sibling pair of Black and Tan miniatures that were a year older than him. He was a pound when he came to us which was a third of the weight of our others at his age. He did grow to 12& 1/2 pounds. He quickly learned everything from the other pair . We miss his presence in our home . You will not regret falling in live with your Little Goose. I hope you have many years of friendship with him.

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