Beloved Pit Bull Saves Girl From House Fire, Wins National Hero Dog Award

Diamond had to overcome a lot to be named a hero. Fire, smoke and her breed’s reputation to name a few.

Diamond, the 15-month-old dog is a Pit Bull – the type of dog that is most abandoned and euthanized in the country, associated with dogfights and often cited in the news about dog attacks.

Against all these odds, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles presented Diamond with their 29th annual National Hero Dog award.

Darryl Steen, and his two daughters were asleep in their Hayward, California apartment on Oct. 24 when Diamond started barking. Their apartment was on fire.

Mr Steen said: ‘She means everything to me. If it hadn’t been for this dog, me and my girls wouldn’t be alive’.

Steen said he found his 9 year old daughter Darahne and dropped her to safety out of a second story window. He could find his other daughter, 16 year old Sierra who was hiding under a mattress in her father’s room.

Luckily it was not long before Diamond found her; firefighters spotted the gray-and-white pit bull on the mattress shielding Sierra, Mr Steen said.

Mr Steen and Sierra had to be hospitalized for burns and skin grafts.

After saving Sierra’s life in a fire, Diamond wins the National Hero Dog Award from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Diamond had to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation at a pet hospital where the bill was over $5,500. Everybody was so generous and there were so many donations that some of the money had to be sent back, Mr Steen said.

Diamond had been with the family about a year before the fire, Mr Steen said. She was very protective of the girls, but her allegiance had never been tested.

Mr Steen and his daughters are living with his sister in Hayward, and Diamond is staying with their other relatives for now. They haven’t been able to find an affordable apartment that will take Diamond but Mr. Steen won’t give her up, so he keeps looking.

Darryl Steen kisses Diamond, who is currently staying with members of his family until he can rent a new pet-friendly apartment

With her award, Diamond gets a plaque, dog food for a year, airfare to and from Los Angeles and hotel accommodations for her and her family.

But for all her heroics, Diamond isn’t without an Achilles’ heel.

Mr Steen said: ‘She likes the dog park and playing with me and the girls. But she doesn’t like cats. She is scared of cats’.

Based on a story by the dailymail

by A Place To Love Dogs

7 thoughts on “Beloved Pit Bull Saves Girl From House Fire, Wins National Hero Dog Award

  1. ms.vega says:

    Stories like this should be in a front page of the newspaper magazine or any media. I love Pit bulls I am proud to said I have one they are the most lovable kind.

  2. Lorrie Douglass says:

    Love stories like this!! This breed gets too much negative press and not enough positive press! I have 3, 2 are rescues, and I cannot imagine my life without them. While my stories aren’t as great as this one, each of mine have gotten me through horrible times… the tragic sudden death when my sister was killed, the sudden death of my best friend of 27 years due to a heart attach, and the latest addition was there for me when my mother choked to death 5 hours after I had left her. No one will ever convince me this breed is bad… they just sometimes get bad owners. Diamond’s story is a great story for the breed!

  3. Danna says:

    Mr Steen: Stay strong and care for your babies including Diamond! I pray that someone will have a heart and give you a place to live in peace with your family. I am happy you all made it out and so pleased you have such a wonderful loving companion. I also know the love and loyalty of a Pit Bull. Stay strong!

  4. Danna says:

    Dear mr Steen and family, So happy you are all okay and prayers someone gives you all a place together to live in peace with your beloved companion. I also know the loyalty and love of PB’s and know I could never leave mine behind either! Stay strong and stay together!

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