this one’s for you mochii

Submitted by whateverkath:

Her name’s Mochii. She’s been with our family since she was only as big as my hands. She grew up really active and cute and stubborn all at the same time. Believe me, she’s more stubborn than my grandma. We love her so much, nonetheless. And she’s definitely part of the family.

Mochii has been sick for a month now. This week she refused to eat. And right now she needs IV meds just to keep her hydrated. I know she’ll not be with us for long. I just hope she’ll stop hurting.

This one’s for you Mochii. Thank you for being one of the reasons I love home. It wouldn’t be the same without you here. We love you.

by A Place To Love Dogs

One thought on “this one’s for you mochii

  1. @magicalteacher says:

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts. This is such a difficult place to be right now. We have waited before….and watched our yellow lab slowly say goodbye. Sending love for Mochii and for all these precious beings bring into our homes.

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