the friendliest dog

Submitted by isimen:

Tribute to Dias

This is my dog Dias. He is a male Giant Schnauzer, and the friendliest dog you could ever meet. Sadly, he passed away a couple of weeks ago because he began feeling ill. To this day he has never harmed or barked at any person, dog or other animal. He always wanted to cuddle and play in the sun and the grass, and in his last days he would just lie in the couch with my mom and my stepdad. He used to sleep in my bed and wake me up in the morning by licking me in the face and basically say “come on, let’s go outside and play!”

He always got along with the two cats we had too, they used to sleep next to him in the couch and even on top of him, he didn’t mind. He was the best dog one could have…

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