Maxwell Staffy-Dachshund Mix

Submitted by sharne:

We rescued him when he was 18 months old

He had been abused in his last home and whenever Dad pulled out the golf clubs to have a putt in the yard Max was nowhere to be found, 4 years later he won’t get off the putting green.

He is the happiest dog in the world… and just a little bit crazy, he fits right into the family :)

by A Place To Love Dogs

2 thoughts on “Maxwell Staffy-Dachshund Mix

  1. Silja Teltschik says:

    Hi there we got a Lenny he looks exactly like your maxwell ecxept he’s a bit lighter.we get stoped and asked what he is and all about him all the time cause he looks so unusual and so so you get that too?lenny was found on a beach in kaitaia in new zealand when he was only 8 weeks old he was all alone and almost starved.he,s now one year old and the funniest lovelyest dog.where do you live?i wounder if they are related.would posted a picture off him but don’t know how…greetings from Silja of Piha

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