chickadee rescue dog

Bruce Skakle:

Look what I found. Daddy had just put sunflower seeds in the bird feeder. I stayed out by the feeder to watch the birds. One flew into the side of the feeder and fell to the snow below. I went over, poked it with my nose and then picked it up and scratched at the door to come inside. I ran to the sofa and placed the bird by my side and started licking it. I thought it was dead. I picked it up and put it on the arm of the sofa and kept licking it. Daddy took this picture as it stood up, still a bit wobbly, and then it hopped even closer to my nose. After a few minutes it seemed OK so we took it back outside and it flew away much to the dismay of both of our cats.

Your dog friend,

by A Place To Love Dogs

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