giving one of her trademark smiles!

Submitted by dearmrecho:

Trixie (shepherd/pitbull mix) giving one of her trademark smiles!

She has had quite a journey.  We think she might have been hit by a car – her ears are crooked, her snout is crooked (giving her a hilariously wicked snore), and her left eye was busted up real bad (and later removed).  She is the best dog a family could have – loyal, loving, and always giving us a good laugh.  People are a bit shocked when they first see her, but she is so friendly and laid back, she makes friends almost instantly!  Her hobbies include barking at golfers, destroying rope toys, watching “True Blood”, and tripping people by constantly standing by our feet, trying to get in on whatever’s going on.

by A Place To Love Dogs

2 thoughts on “giving one of her trademark smiles!

  1. gina says:

    cute. sweet dog~ we all have something that makes us special, some are visible and some are not. She is no doubt a sweet, lovable, survivor and a gift to her owners!

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