my baby boy kobe

Submitted by ayieisvalerie:

This is my Baby Boy Kobe on his supposed to be “last night” with me last August ‘10. Here’s the story, I got him for my little cousin ‘cause he really wanted to have a puppy. Kobe stayed with me and Summer  (my female black labrador) for 5 days, when the day comes that my cousin will get Kobe, I was really sad, I even had Kobe in my room and talked to him like “Be a good boy, I’ll miss you”. So when my aunt and uncle arrived all he did was barked at them, they were having second thoughts already, but they really want to get him, so my uncle tried to carry him and guess what, Kobe kept on getting out of his arms and run back beside me. They tried to please him for 3 hours! Then, they gave up trying.

There’s this thing between me and Kobe even if he just stayed with me for 5 days then. Kobe’s a sweet cross breed labrador and I really don’t know what. He’s really protective and sweet, if I go somewhere in the house in the middle of the night, he will wake up and walk after me. That’s how sweet and loyal he is. Now, he’s with me for 3 months already. And I can say that I’m really happy and lucky to have him.

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