This is my puppy Louie

Submitted by Andrew:

This is my puppy Louie. He and his sister were only five weeks old when they were found on the side of a highway in Kentucky.

We think he is part Lab, part English Setter. Either way, we love him and he always amazes us.

by A Place To Love Dogs

One thought on “This is my puppy Louie

  1. jaylene says:

    omg he is adorable! i have a black lab/ english setter that looks almost exactly the same..he has huge floppy’ll have fun wiping them lol. but my dog ace looked just like that when he was a puppy same ears and them adorable big brown eyes!..i always trimmed them up so they didnt get knots in them. i think these dogs are so friendly and loving. i’ve never had a better companion in my life. for some reason he still pees on his front leg (occasionally his chin) even though hes almost years dog is a goofball.

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