tribute to magnum

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R.I.P Magnum

Tribute to Magnum:

I’m sorry I didn’t check up on you yesterday morning when I woke up, I always think that maybe if I brought you and Mia inside, this would have never happened. I’m sorry I made fun of you a lot and always said you were ugly (as a joke). I’m sorry I didn’t play with you enough. I’m sorry for getting mad & yelling at you when you made messes & pooed in my room. I’m sorry for calling you stinky. I’m sorry for feeding you human food all the time. I’m sorry that jacki painted your toenails purple. I’m sorry for being too busy to take you on walks. I’m sorry for not liking you in the beginning when dad first brought you home. I’m sorry that the vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you. I’m sorry you were in pain and suffering. I’m sorry you had a hard time breathing, couldn’t eat or drink, and couldn’t sleep. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to help.

Why did this happen to my babyboy? What went wrong? How could You let this happen? Why didn’t You save him? I don’t understand. He was perfectly fine and happy, then this happens? He didn’t deserve this suffering. He only brought happiness to everyone around him.

I miss you. I love you. Everyone loves you. Were not the same without your happy spirit around.

Rest In Peace baby brother, you are in a better place now.

Good-Bye Magnum. <3

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