Daphne Is Happy In Heaven


Daphne has been gone now for three days. I still feel that empty space in my heart but at least now I can smile and gather enough courage to face the world. I have been wondering where she is, and asking God if he really didn’t allow animals in heaven.

Animals have feelings too; elephants are highly emotional creatures. As a pet owner, I have carefully observed the personalities of my dogs. I believe that they are not merely instruments nor food, nor entertainment, that they are like us. Only our brain capacity is larger than theirs. But knowledge isn’t the greatest thing in this world, it is love I believe. And they are capable of loving far more than any human could.
That is why I kept on asking God this. A lot of people told me Daphne is happy in heaven now, I heard a lot of pastors say that animals have no souls. I want to know the truth. I never really knew HE was going to answer my question so soon. Yesterday, when I woke up, I opened my laptop to see Daphne’s pictures. Of course I was soon online, and as I was browsing, something caught my attention. Something so random and yet so surprising!

God Answers a Child About Dog in Heaven (click to see original post)
After reading this, I cried… a lot. But that was the first time I cried because I was happy. I was so happy to know that she’s safe. And that her life did not end just like a useless non-rechargeable battery. I was happy to know that someone far greater than I is now taking care of her in heaven. Perhaps I was mourning because I was so scared that Daphne didn’t go to heaven but at least now my heart is at peace because my princess is now at peace.

Of course I’ll never get over the fact that I’ll no longer see her or hold her everyday. It’s so hard because I’ve been used to being treated well by her for the past nine years. And I, in turn, can no longer shower her with all my love.

I know I have to move on, I was just looking for some comfort.
So now I am not afraid. Because I know that someday I will see my princess again when my time comes.
So now I accept it finally that she is gone. But not forever. She just transferred to another place. I am happy because she no longer needs to suffer whatever changes the world will experience.
My princess Daphne, even though you’re no longer by my side, you are and you will always be here in my heart. I never had a human sister and I am grateful that you came into my life and became my sister… because your love for me is so pure that no one can ever surpass it. I love you so much my princess Daphne, it’s not right for me to say good bye, but it is more appropriate to say see you soon.

Based on a submission by Shariz Mae Piza

We love you Shariz! And have not forgotten you!


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3 thoughts on “Daphne Is Happy In Heaven

  1. valerie cooper says:

    This is sooo touching. We lost our 9 1/2 year old Maltipoo, Lila, 2 weeks ago. We are so sad and miss her terribly. She was my best friend. Reading your article made me feel good! Like you, I’ve been thinking alot about dogs and heaven. I do believe they will be there waiting on us. I’m sorry for your loss….I feel your pain! God bless Daphne and Lila.

  2. Shariz says:

    valerie cooper, thank you so much. I am absolutely sure that they are now happy in heaven. God loves all things he makes. :) god bless you too, and may you open your heart to more animals. :)

  3. Claudia says:

    So close to you all! I do believe that my doggies and yours are still by our side; we can’t see them, but we can feel them. Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without animals. They are God’s best helpers, so.. sure they are there. <3 With love, C.

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