Adopted Rescue Dog Changes The Life Of Autistic Boy | Video


A touching video by the ASPCA tells the story of a family who made a difference in a neglected dog’s life and in return had their lives changed forever.

Grant and Linda Hickey knew from a young age there was something different about their son Jonny. Their child was diagnosed with autism. It was a difficult time for the Hickey family and it was a severely neglected dog named Xena in the care of the ASPCA, that would come into their lives and make all the difference in the world.


When Mrs. Hickey saw a news report on the abused pup, she began following the dog’s progress on the shelter’s Facebook page and when Xena was well enough to be adopted, they went to a fundraising event to meet her. Out of the thousands of applications to adopt the sweet dog, the Hickey’s were lucky enough to take her home.

As soon as Xena hopped in the car and started licking Jonny’s face and sitting in his lap, the Hickey’s knew that from then on both Jonny’s and Xena’s lives were going to be different.

Xena the Warrior Dog was named ASPCA’s dog of the year 2013!

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Compassionate Man Saves Dog From Drowning | Video

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Sue Drummond was walking on the pier by the water in Melbourne, Australia with her Maltese-Shih Tzu mix Bibi, when a gust of wind blew her tiny little dog into the water.

Fearing the worst, Drummond helplessly watched as Bibi tried to dog paddle back to the pier.

Then out of nowhere a young man came to the rescue.


Watch this incredible act of bravery and selflessness as the man jumps in the water to risk his own life to save the dog!

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