Border Collie Does Amazing Dance Routine With Owner | Video


This is just beautiful! Sandra Roth performs an amazing free style dance routine with her Border Collie Lizzy. You can see the awesome trust, understanding and connection between the two. Watch Lizzy’s paws as she copies Sandra’s moves step for step! I knew Border Collies were smart, but this is something else!!


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Golden Retriever Learns To Catch | Video


Most dogs are very good at catching things in their mouths, especially when food is involved. But Golden Retriever Fritz is adorably awful at it. This compilation of Fritz failing to catch various kinds of foods in his mouth is pretty hilarious. You can rest assured that Fritz lives a healthy lifestyle. Also, strangely, his eyesight is fine. We still love you Fritz!


Lazy Great Dane Guards The House | Video


Nilo, is a Great Dane from Brazil, whose job is supposed to be watching over the house, but he’s discovered that relaxing in a hammock is a far better way to spend an afternoon. When his human catches his ‘private security guard’ napping instead of being on duty, he jokes that their home is ‘the safest house on the planet!’