Top 11 Cute Puppies That Can Sleep Anywhere

There were so many cute puppies sleeping in the most adorable positions and places that I came across.

There were puppies sleeping in cars, in offices, in school classrooms, in their food bowls, in their human’s beds, in beds that were too big or too small for them and so much more that is was hard to narrow it down.

Here are my choices for the top 11 cute puppies that can sleep anywhere

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This cute Greyhound puppy sleeping with his feets up is so sweet – source



This adorable little puppy named Peaches who found a comfy spot on the door handle – source



This Bulldog puppy who likes to sleep in the car as well – source



This Golden Retriever puppy who prefers to sleep in his big brother’s bed rather than his own – source



This sweet little one who likes to sleep in the car and with his feets up – source



This wee pup who crashed at the office after a big lunch – source



This Chihuahua who is all tucked in and ready for a bed time story – source



This Corgi puppy who wanted to appreciate the view for a moment before falling asleep – source



This Bull Terrier who was found sleeping like a baby – source



This Golden pup who took sleeping like a baby to the next level – source



And this cute Dachshund puppy Pepper Ann who prefers to sleep in the crook of her daddy’s arms than anywhere else – source

Dog Tucks In Baby | Video


Sweet and loving dog Ashlie was adopted by the Whelan family, who took her away from a neglectful situation by her previous owners.

When the Whelan’s welcomed the newest addition into their family, a baby girl named Summer, they noticed that Ashlie would act very motherly towards Summer. Ashlie would start nudging her nose along the edge of Summer’s blanket, as if she was tucking the little baby in.

Ashlie is now with a new loving and caring family and it looks like she is bonding very nicely with the new member of the family.

Watch the video of Ashlie tucking in baby Summer here:

Special thanks to Dave and Kathy for passing this video along to us

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