French Bulldog Just Wants To Rest His Head | Video


French Bulldog Louis just wants a comfortable place to rest his head, problem is it’s on his human’s leg!

Louis is a rescue French Bulldog from Short Mugs Rescue Squad, who came to live with his mom Samantha as hospice foster dog, with a diagnosis of end stage heartworms. As of April  this year, he has no signs of heartworms and is apparently a real trooper!

His mommy says that she officially adopted him in April of 2013, even with his hospice situation, because he is the most precious, loving, squishy Frenchie boy she has ever seen. How’s that for love!


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Service Dog Calms War Vet When He Becomes Agitated In An Interview | Video


War vet Erick Scott suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after serving in the army national guard for 16 years. He was paired with a service dog, Gumbo, through a program called k9s For Warriors to help him deal with his anxiety and combat PTSD.

During this interview, when Erick becomes agitated, watch how his dog Gumbo doesn’t hesitate to step in and help calm him


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