Cute Dog Trick | Video


This is a really silly but very cute dog trick. After visiting a sea lion show at Coney Island, this man got the idea to try to teach his dog, Raja, the same trick he saw the sea lions do. “They jokingly challenged dog owners to ‘try this at home with your dog’ so I did.”

Watch how Raja aces the trick here:


Pet Store Secretly Replaces All Pets With Shelter Animals | Video


There are thousands of animal shelters in Brazil and most of them are overcrowded. Yet, for some reason, people keep spending a lot of money to buy a pet rather than adopt one.

Quatro Patinhas, or Four Paws, a Brazilian rescue organization, is setting out to change that. They believe that there is no difference between pure-bred animals and shelter animals. To demonstrate this, they have asked a pet shop to lend them their displays for one day and replaced the animals for sale with pets for adoption. Without telling people, they filmed what happened.

After all, better than buying a life is saving one.


Dogswell Surprises Office With Dog Takeover | Video


Dogswell contacted an office full of people to be interviewed by a news crew about stress in their work place. What they didn’t tell them was that it was Take Your Dog to Work Day! Dogswell unleashes the happy on unsuspecting NYC office workers with over 20 dogs and puppies on Take Your Dog to Work Day. See  what happens here: