Sweet Dog Jazzie-Ann Is Cancer Free For Two Years


This is our dog Jazzie-Ann, she is 2 years cancer free! I found a lump on her tail and thinking it was a bee bite, I waited a few weeks to see what would happen. In the mean time, her daddy took her for a walk in the park, let her loose and she got a cut on her front leg, so off  to vet we went. I asked for them to do a biopsy and it came back as cancer. A few weeks later she had her tail docked and the vet said if she makes it 2 years without any other lumps showing up she’ll be considered cured!

We took her in a cancer walk in Wautoma Wisconsin last year as a first year survivor (this year no dogs are allowed on the grounds, which we are sad about) The American Cancer Society took several pictures of her in the walk. So please people, don’t consider a lump on your pets as oh well it can be serious!!!!!!

Submitted by Pam Rehbein

Schnauzer’s Overwhelming Joy To Seeing Her Human After Two Years

After working in Slovenia and not seeing her dog for two years, a woman is greeted with such overwhelming love and joy from her little Schnauzer. The dog gets so excited to see her that she even passes out for a brief moment!

The Schnauzer, Casey, was taken to the vet who saw the video, and everything is fine with her. No worries!

Thanks to Aloha Alice Kauai for sharing!!!

Soldier’s Help Wounded Dog


During operation “Return Brothers” in search of three kidnapped boys, soldiers of the IDF’s Giva’ti brigade spotted an injured dog that had apparently been hit by a car. The soldiers immediately decided to help the dog; they bandaged the injured leg, carried him on a stretcher to a nearby village and took care of him for two days. They decided to name him Rambo for the hero that he is. Rambo is now under the care of Let The Animal’s Live, a clinic in Ramat Gan