Man Crosses Country To Save Puppy’s Life | Video

Scott Clare, traveled from California to Cincinnati and spent thousands of dollars all in the name of puppy love!!!

After his wife passed away, Scott Clare found new love again, but this time with a four-legged companion. Clare adopted the now-14-month-old yellow Labrador Retriever who he named Buck-O after baseball player Buck O’Neil. “He makes me laugh and smile every day,” said Clare, a Bakersfield, California resident. “He’s just a crack up, he’s lots of fun.”

When Clare took Buck-O to get neutered, the doctors noticed something was wrong with his heart. Buck-O was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. The irregular heart rhythms result in high heart rates that put Buck-O’s life at risk.

“My choices were to spend a lot of money or hang on to him until he has a horrible death and I wasn’t going to do that,” said Clare.

The only option was to take Buck-O to Cincinnati, Ohio for a surgery that had never been done on a dog before. So, on June 9, Clare and Buck-O made the 2,300-mile trek from Bakersfield, making many friends along the way. And on June 30, Buck-O successfully underwent the nearly eight-hour, $10,000 surgery.

“Buck-O is out and recovering in ICU. With a normal heart beat!!” Clare wrote later that day. But his loving four legged friend still has a long way to go.

The 10 Cutest Puppy Bums You’ll Ever See

Puppy bums! Puppy bums! Whether you call them bums, butts, bottoms, rear ends, behinds or what have you, nothing compares to the sheer cuteness of a fluffy, tiny, squeezable, lovable puppy bum!!

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These two twin jack Russell bums – source



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This sleepy ball of fluff with the cutest widdle butt – source



This cute little French Bulldog showing off his bum and his rolls – source



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This little sweetheart Corgi with just about the cutest puppy bum ever – source



And this adorable English Bulldog Tank looking back to make sure your checking out his cute bum – source