Lost Dog Reunited With Owners After A Month


‘We were traveling from Wisconsin to California. Our dog Koda was in the back seat of our car when we got in a terrible accident on a small highway in Arizona. He jumped out of the back window after it shattered and he sprinted away. We had no time to catch up to him before I needed to be rushed to the hospital. He is super sweet and friendly so we had given up hope that someone would return him to us because we had just changed his coller and it didn’t have his tags on. He was wandering on his own for 15 days before an old couple found him sleeping on their porch. They took him in and fed him and cared for him for a while before deciding to call the local shelters to see if someone was looking for him. We got a call finally today saying he had been found!!! So so happy :)’


Dog Left Behind By Family After They Sold Their House Gets Rescued | Video


A family sold their house, moved away and left their dog behind. Hope for Paws received a call from a local real estate agent who was feeding the dog for a few weeks while looking for help. Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli came to the house to rescue the dog and help find her a new loving forever home!


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Homeless Puli Dog Commercial Will Tug At Your Heartstrings | Video


In this touching commercial by Dr. Pepper, a homeless mop dog or Puli dog as they are known, lives on the streets, sleeps on a cardboard box and dreams of a better tomorrow, when he comes upon a new friend that changes his life forever! Be true to yourself and you’ll never be lost…


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