With The Help Of The Internet A Caring Woman Helps A Paralyzed Stray Dog She Saw Struggling On A Beach In Thailand

A paralyzed stray dog, struggling on the beach in Thailand, gets help from the internet and one caring woman that was willing to go out of her way to help! Leo is one lucky dog!

The kindness one does for an animal, may not change the world… but it will change the world for that one animal.


During a recent trip to Thailand, Meagan Penman, a woman from Canada, was walking on the beach when she discovered a paralyzed stray dog struggling to walk



She tried contacting a number of animal rescue services in the area but couldn’t find anyone that was willing to take him



She decided to call the handsome fellow Leo. Vets told her that his spine was broken and that he had no feeling in his back legs



He was also covered in ticks, but wasn’t a huge fan of bath time



Unable to care for the dog herself, she set up a facebook page called ‘Help Save Leo’ and a gofund me page as well, to help raise money for his care



Penman ended up raising $7,740, more than enough to bring Leo back to Canada with her and make sure he gets a brand new doggie wheelchair



Three months after Penman saw him on the beach in Thailand, he came to Canada. The next step was to find Leo a loving home.



When a woman named Jamie saw Leo’s facebook page, she agreed to adopt him!



Here’s Leo is chilling in his new home



And he seems pretty happy with his new set of wheels!

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