13 Year Old German Shepherd Saves Owner From Fire


Dolly, a 13-yr-old German Shepherd, saved her 90-year-old owner, Craig Chandler, from a house fire. This is her at a ceremony where she was being honored and received the SPCA Companion Award.

Chandler was starting to fix lunch for himself and Dolly around noon Sunday, April 12, in their home. Dolly came into the kitchen, was running around excited, but didn’t bark. Chandler knew something was wrong. There was a quick moving fire in another room, and Dolly was able to lead Chandler to escape.

Not only did Dolly save Chandler’s life, but Chandler saved Dolly’s life years ago too. “I saved her life when she was 4 months old,” Chandler said, adding that she was “the worst abused dog” when he took her in. “It took a lot of love and patience to get her squared away.”

Well, I think you could say that she got “squared away.”


Therapy Dog Helps Boy With Brain Injury Recover | Video


A young boy named Caleb was in a car accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Caleb was in intensive care and his family didn’t know what kind of experience they were in for, or if Caleb was even going to live. The progress of his recovery was so slow that his father was becoming discouraged.

Once they brought a therapy dog named Colonel in with Caleb, they began to see a big change in Caleb’s awareness. The effect the Golden Retriever had on Caleb’s recovery is truly remarkable and will warm your heart!


Homeless Man And His Senior Dog Get A Big Surprise| Video


Tom Mabe of Prank It Forward, usually does pranks on people for fun, but this time he is doing something good for people who do good things for others. Beth Green, runs an organization called My Dog Eats First, a group that provides free food, supplies and vet care to the pets of the homeless. Mabe called up Beth and told her they are doing a documentary on homeless people and their pets and would love for her to be involved.

While out filming, Tom learned of a terminally-ill man living in his truck with his 12-year-old dog and decided to do something amazing to help them out. But the generosity doesn’t end there, Beth and her organization get a big surprise as well! Watch the touching video here: