Heartwarming Rescue Of A Dog That Fell Into Hot Tar | Video


A five-month-old dog fell into hot tar that was spilled around a construction site in northern India.

Claire Abrams from the animal welfare group, Animal Aid Unlimited, says staff from the charity rushed to the scene after receiving a call from a passerby. They found the dog lying motionless, his hardened body stuck to the ground: “There was no way he could have come out of his own, without any intervention,” Abrams said.

The rescue group spent 3 hours massaging vegetable oil onto the dog to loosen the thick layer of tar. Watch his heartwarming recovery!


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Beagle Charlie And Baby Laura’s Thank You Concert To Their Fans | Video


In celebration of their 20 million Youtube hits, Beagle Charlie and baby Laura thank all their fans by giving them this most adorable rock concert! Laura Olivia learned to play the drums and Charlie assisted her with the keyboard! Visit them on their facebook page!


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